Are you ready to stimulate learning & engagement for your child?

Would you like to enjoy making memories with your child instead of spending time on researching on how to create them?

Get ready to provide engagement and school readiness skills for your child through play-based activities that have been thought out and planned to take early childhood development into mind.

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Overwhelm and Endless Worry Don't Have to be Permanent.

In the Play to Learn Program, we ditch the planning and researching and jump into something smarter and sweeter!

1. Have a variety of enriching activities planned & ready for your child at your finger tips each week.

2. Know that each activity has been designed to keep your child stimulated and engaged so that they become curious learners.

3. Ditch worksheets and rote learning and focus on activities that are designed with purposeful-play in mind.

4. Instead of pinning & learning about new activities to try, focus on spending quality time with your child, because time will fly before you know it.



Play to Learn Program

The last program will help you take the guesswork out of having to plan your child's activities each week and let you enjoy the time bonding and having fun with your child.


The Wonder-Room is a monthly subscription for children ages 2-6 loaded with music, sensory play, early literacy, process & craft art, STEM, outdoor play & movement activities. Each Activity Plan has cool activities, engaging printables, interesting stuff to do,  and more fun the kids can do on their own and your support. Includes a safe online activity library to access at anytime.

Designed by ECD Experts

We do all of the research and carefully design each activity we give you. Our first priority is to ensure that the activity provides learning, but in a format that is play-based and engaging, because we know kids learn best through play and we have seen that over and over again in our own classes and with our own children.

Routine & Structure

Children & families thrive on routine & structure-  so Let us help you take the guesswork out of having to plan your child's activities each week and let you enjoy the time bonding and having fun with your child.


Focus on Whole Child

The weekly activity collection is thoughtfully planned to include developmental skills, such as fine motor, gross motor, language development, social-emotional development, and academic development.

Meet your New Parenting Support Team!

You're tired of having to find new activities, doing your own research, always planning instead of making memories with your family and STRESSING OUT about your child's school readiness.

Let's change that for good, together. 

Ready for everything to get easier?

My family did the Play to Learn Program this summer (me with my 2 year old daughter and 5 year old son). We had such a great time. My 2 year old counted happily with Miss Trinity during circle time and loved the bee song especially (as well as all the others). My son always got excited about what bug adventures we were going to do each day. He told all his friends about it and even invited some to participate a couple of the days. They all enjoyed it. I loved that it was pretty simple to put together on my end. It was a small amount of time and work prepping for it, but easily doable. Most of the supplies I had on hand, and the one thing I needed to buy (the plastic bugs) was well worth it for the entertainment my kids got (and continue to get) from the activities we did with them. Wondertree was organized, professional, fun, and thorough in early childhood education content. I really didn’t know what it was going to be when I signed up but was so impressed by the end result. We’re so happy we did it.
- Cheryl

“My boys are 3 years old and 18 months.  We were able to enjoy Play to Learn Program with both of them! My boys loved the nature walk and having something to search for. Watching them focus on puzzles and fun games was wonderful. It was great for mom because we did it on our schedule and I didn’t have to worry about nap schedules being messed up! We would highly recommend this to anyone looking for fun ways to entertain their kids. Plus they are learning too!”

- Jordyn (mom of 2)


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Let's Break it Down!

What do you get with the Play to Learn Program?


What are the Benefits of Joining the Program?



Healthy parent involvement and intervention in the child’s day-to-day life lay the foundation for better social and academic skills. A secure attachment leads to healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and motivational development.  We empower parents by giving them expertly created activities that are age-appropriate and engaging for both the child and the parent.

Independent Play

Independent play is just as important as group play for children. In fact, independent play teaches children how to be self-reliant, creative, imaginative, and even improves focus and thinking capabilities. We provide activities that allow for some daily independent play that is educational and fun at the same time!  


Children thrive on daily routine and structure. When a child has a predictable daily routine, it reminds them that they are in a secure, loving environment. Our Weekly Activity Collection arms you with the tools you need to provide both engagement and structure in your child’s life!
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You need easy to use resources that get kids engaged without making more work for you. Whether you're distance learning, homeschooling, or just making it work through challenging days, the Wonder-Room can help make it more fun.




A calendar that gives you a complete plan for the month.

A Weekly Activity Plan with printables that keeps you organized for the week.

Parents Love the Wonder-Room!

Monthly Activity Plan

Easy to follow instructions included for every project.

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